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Heavy Equipment Engine Heaters Available in Alberta, British Columbia & Saskatchewan

While the number of construction projects typically ramp up during the summer, the fact remains that heavy equipment operators have to work all year round. Whether you’ve got work in the oilfields or you’re tackling an urban construction project, Alberta’s Eskmio Refrigeration has a variety of heavy equipment engine heaters to keep you and your crew warm. With service locations throughout Western Canada, contact us for more information.

Air Top 2000 STC


Its compact construction means that it can be installed quickly. It can be installed either inside or outside the vehicle. This heater heats the air in the interior or cargo space quickly and quietly and keeps it constant at the chosen working temperature. Users can choose between recirculation and fresh-air modes. It‘s easy to service and repair design and low fuel consumption make the Air Top 2000 STC economical to maintain.

Product Benefits

  • 2 kW heating capacity

  • Heats up quickly, more even and quiet heating procedure by use of fuel pump DP 42

  • Sturdy heater with compact dimensions and low fuel consumption

  • Easy to service and maintain, diagnostic capability

  • Suitable for use in vehicles for transporting hazardous materials (ADR)

  • Full W-bus compatibility of the heater

  • Unlimited operation with the new SmartControl and MultiControl HD control elements

  • Use of Unibox no longer necessary



With up to 125,000 BTU of output, the Proheat M-Series is an ultra-powerful, cold weather auxiliary heating solution for off-highway applications. This diesel-powered heater preheats the engine to ensure quick and reliable starts while reducing engine wear. Proheat M-Series heaters are also powerful enough to supply supplemental interior heat for driver comfort while the main engine is running. The heater is designed to be accessible and easily serviced by technicians to help minimize down time. Optional CAN Bus connectivity means the heater can be seamlessly installed on vehicles that rely on the J1939 network standard.

Heater Features

  • Diesel-powered coolant heater

  • Produces 50,000/125,000 BTU/hr (15/37kW)

  • Engine preheat reduces start-up wear and tear

  • Generates supplemental heat for drivers and passengers

  • Optional control of an external coolant pump

Optional Components

  • Datalink diagnostic software

  • CAN Bus/J1939 connectivity

X45 Plus-Coach


Proheat X45 Plus is a powerful, diesel-powered pre-heating solution for quick and reliable cold weather starting of 12 or 24-volt construction, logging or mining equipment. This versatile heater can be used to pre-heat the engine or prevent freezing of critical onboard fluids. Proheat X45 Plus makes starting easier while reducing start-up engine wear and cold weather troubles. An integrated pump circulates heated coolant to warm the engine block, hydraulic fluid, fuel tank, or provide additional heat for operator comfort. Proheat X45 Plus features an onboard control panel that displays heater status, while an optional digital timer can mount next to the operator to provide convenient timer-based starting of the heater. With more than 15 years in the field, its rugged and field serviceable design has proven reliable in even the most extreme temperatures.

Coolant Heater Features

  • 45,000 BTU (13kW)

  • Designed for 12 or 24 volt equipment and vehicles

  • Electronic control panel displays heater status

  • Integrated coolant pump

  • Flexible mounting options

Timer Features

  • Timed or manual start of X45 Plus heater from inside the vehicle

  • Easy-to-read digital display

  • Programmable, multi-event 7-day timer

  • Surface-mount design



X30 is the next generation of smart heater from Proheat. X30 is a diesel powered heating solution for reliable cold weather starting, fluid heating, and passenger comfort. Featuring on board oxygen feedback, X30 automatically adjusts for the best possible combustion to suit the environment. Whether temperature, altitude or system requirements, X30 can adapt to nearly any situation. With more than 20 years of field experience, Proheat X30 is truly the next generation of smart heater.

Coolant Heater Features

  • 10 – 31kBTU variable heat output

  • Oxygen feedback for optimum combustion with minimal emissions

  • Low pressure fuel system for safe reliable starting under all conditions

  • Flexible mounting options to suit many different applications

  • Two year parts and labour warranty

New Features

  • Next generation PCM controller

  • J1939 CAN bus

  • New operating modes to save battery power and fuel

Air Top Evo 40/55

Air Top Evo 40/55

The new Air Top Evo model offers more comfort and convenience, safety and greater heat output for larger commercial vehicles.

With this air heater both the driver’s cabin and cargo spaces are heated quickly and effectively within a short time. Thanks to the new control system, energy consumption and noise generation are significantly reduced. Additional functions such as altitude adjustment and automated cold start have already been integrated as standard features.

Because installation is fast and easy, this Air Top Evo model is a cost-effective solution for retrofitting. If necessary, two devices can be combined in order to heat even larger cargo spaces.

Product Benefits

  • 4.0 / 5.5 kW power for fast heating of driver’s cabins and cargo spaces

  • Low energy consumption and especially quiet operation due to efficient control system

  • Wide variety of safety & comfort functions

  • Standard automated functions such as altitude adjustment and automatic cold start

  • Continuous heating capacity thanks to low power consumption

Thermo Pro 50 Eco

Thermo Pro 50 Eco

The Thermo Pro 50 Eco has been specially designed for use in lightweight trucks and small to medium-sized commercial and specialty vehicles. Its compact dimensions and lightweight design allow for installation in vehicles with limited space.

The heater warms the engine to fuel-saving operating temperatures, even before the vehicle is started. The heater’s innovative features help establish and maintain comfortable temperatures in the interior during rest stops and when the vehicle is off.

Product Benefits

  • Engine-independent water heater with 2.5 to 5 kW of heating power

  • At only 2.1 kg, the most lightweight heater in its class

  • Compact dimensions suited to installation in a wide range of vehicle models

  • High product quality with service life of 3,000 hours

  • New features such as altitude adjustment and residual heat usage

  • Available for initial installation and retrofitting

Thermo Pro 90

Thermo Pro 90

Performance-oriented and robust. The Thermo Pro 90 has been specially designed for use in heavy commercial and specialty vehicles, as well as in minibuses.

New features such as altitude adjustment, Arctic Start and seamless heating control make these vehicles useful under even extreme conditions. Low energy consumption and operating noise make a valuable contribution to both cost-savings and environmental protection.

Product Benefits

  • Engine-independent heating for heavy commercial vehicles, offering up to 9.1 kW of heating power

  • Fast warm-up, even at the lowest temperatures, thanks to the Arctic Start function

  • Low heater power consumption due to highly efficient design

  • Highest product quality with long service life

  • Automatic altitude adjustment up to 3,500 m (standard)

  • Available for initial installation and retrofitting

Thermo Top C


Protects engine and saves fuel. The compact Thermo Top C water heater pre-heats the engine to the starting temperature. This considerably reduces the load on the engine caused by a cold start and thus increases the life span and operational readiness of the engine. Additionally, the parking heater Thermo Top C protects the environment, as avoiding engine idle run times reduces fuel consumption as well as CO2-emission. Ice and mist-free windows ensure safety right from the start thanks to a clear view.

Product Benefits

  • Engine and passenger compartment pre-heating of 12-V vehicles with original equipment or retrofitting

  • Safer engine start even at low temperatures

  • Fuel savings by avoiding engine idle run times during short idle times

DBW 2010/2016

DBW 2010/2016

Engine-sparing, environmentally friendly, and cost-efficient. Because of its state-of-the art technology and robust design, in the high-performance class up to 16 kW, the DBW 2010 / 2016 offers optimal conditions for heating vehicles with mid to large-sized engines.

To preheat large engines as well as to heat operator’s cabins and cargo spaces, Webasto provides installation solutions customized to diverse vehicle models. Cold starts are prevented, since the water heaters simultaneously warm up the cabin and the engine. The cost reduction that results from lower fuel consumption and the prevention of idling enhances the economic benefits from the use of the vehicle. At the same time, this contributes significantly to environmental protection. Webasto water heater systems are developed in accordance with the high demands of the vehicle manufacturers and international standards. This is well beyond the legal requirements. Due to the long service life of the heater and its components as well as the very low maintenance and repair investments, guarantee maximum utilization and time of operation for the vehicle.

Product Benefits

  • Quality guarantee by TS16949

  • Reliable operation through reduced service and maintenance efforts

  • Fast operational readiness through safe starting of the engine, even at low temperatures

  • Decrease in fuel consumption by prevention of idling

  • Available for original equipment or for aftermarket installation

  • Delivery terms specially designed for each vehicle type

  • World-wide service network

Thermo 230/300/350/400

THERMO 230/300/350/400

Powerful and kind to the environment. The powerful water heaters of the Thermo S series raise high-power engines to their operating temperature before starting. In public or tourist buses, they quickly establish a comfortable temperature level in the passenger areas without the engine running. Apart from consideration of readiness from operation, preheating the engine also ensures that the engine has a longer life expectancy. A modified sensor system significantly reduces exhaust and noise emissions. The supplementary heating function during operation ensures a comfortable interior temperature, even when outside temperatures are very low. These water heating systems go beyond the legal requirements to meet the high standards of bus manufacturers as well.

Product Benefits

  • Operation even at very low outside temperatures

  • A comfortable interior temperature right from the start and while driving

  • Preconfigured complete systems for less installation work

  • An integrated diagnostic function reduces out-of-service and down times of the vehicle

  • Optional preheating of the fuel

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