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Engine Coolant Heaters to Help British Columbia Drivers & Their Vehicles

Not only can winters be harsh on you but they can take a toll on your vehicle as well. However, by equipping your special vehicle with an air or engine coolant heater, you’ll avoid unnecessary idling times while increasing the longevity of your engine. To see how easy it is to get rapid heat distribution and better vehicle performance, talk to Eskimo Refrigeration Ltd. Our service centre or associate dealers will be happy to help you anywhere between British Columbia and Saskatchewan.

Air Top 2000 ST


The simple and affordable solution. The air heater can be applied for various areas of operation. Its compact design makes installation in the cabin interior or the outside of the vehicle simple and quick.

The heater operates silently and quickly warms the air inside the vehicle as well as the cargo area and constantly maintains the individually desired temperature. Depending on need of use, the heater can be switched from recirculating the air from the inside of the vehicle, or draw in fresh air. It is low-maintenance and service-friendly as well as low in cost, therefore creating a solid argument for the professional user.

Product Benefits

  • Low fuel consumption

  • Robust and high-performance

  • Heats up quickly at constant and quiet heating operation

  • Compact size- fast and easy installation

  • Low-maintenance and service-friendly

  • Development with consideration to the most current OEM requirements and automotive standards

  • Quality guarantee by TS16949

  • Applicable for the operation of vehicles in the transport of dangerous goods

  • Able to diagnose which part of the unit is in need of service or maintenance

  • World-wide service network

Air Top Evo 40/55

Air Top Evo 40/55

The new Air Top Evo model offers more comfort, convenience and safety with greater heat output for larger commercial vehicles.

With this new air heater, both the driver's cabin and cargo spaces are heated quickly and effectively within a short time. Thanks to the new control system, energy consumption and noise generation are significantly reduced. Additional functions such as altitude adjustment and automated cold start have already been integrated as standard features.

Because installation is fast and easy, this Air Top Evo model is a cost-effective solution for retrofitting. If necessary, two devices can be combined in order to heat even larger cargo spaces.

Product Benefits

  • 4.0 / 5.5 kW power for fast heating of driver’s cabins and cargo spaces

  • Low energy consumption and especially quiet operation due to efficient control system

  • Wide variety of safety & comfort functions

  • Standard automated functions such as altitude adjustment and automatic cold start

  • Continuous heating capacity thanks to low power consumption

Thermo Top C


The Thermo Top C is used in shuttle and school buses. Just set the timer and let the Thermo Top do the rest. Transportation supervisors are saving hundreds of thousands of dollars by using Thermo Top C's to pre-heat engines before drivers even arrive.

Product Benefits

  • High output in a compact package: 17,000 BTU/h

  • Pre-heats engines

  • Saves fuel

  • Reduces engine wear and maintenance costs

  • Reduces harmful exhaust emissions

  • Provides a safer driving environment

  • CARB approved and EPA SmartWay Verified Technology

Thermo Pro 50 Eco

Thermo Pro 50 Eco

The Thermo Pro 50 Eco has been specially designed for use in lightweight trucks and small to medium-sized commercial and specialty vehicles. Its compact dimensions and lightweight design allow for installation in vehicles with limited space.

The heater warms the engine to fuel-saving operating temperatures, even before the vehicle is started. The heater’s innovative features help establish and maintain comfortable temperatures in the interior during rest stops and when the vehicle is off.

Product Benefits

  • Engine-independent water heater with 2.5 to 5 kW of heating power

  • At only 2.1 kg, the most lightweight heater in its class

  • Compact dimensions suited to installation in a wide range of vehicle models

  • High product quality with service life of 3,000 hours

  • Economical and low in emissions due to efficient design

  • New features such as altitude adjustment and residual heat usage

  • Available for initial installation and retrofitting

Thermo 230/300/350

Thermo 230/300/350

Ready to start even at low temperatures. The high-performance water heaters of the Thermo series heat up large engines up to appropriate operational temperatures before actually starting the engine. The passenger cabins in mini- or midi-busses can be warmed after long standing periods to a comfortable temperature level without running the motor.

Machines like rail cars or locomotives can be warmed up without idling. Aside from the operational readiness, an increased life expectancy of the engine is ensured. Units needed for the preparation of warm water are found to be useful not only in the marine sector; they are also applied as mobile solutions for the cleaning of material or for the frost-free preparation of water for domestic use.

A very reliable and high-quality technology is a necessity in the transport of people and cargo. The water heater systems exceed the legal requirements and are developed according to the high standards of bus OEMs.

Increased product specifications provide a high-performance system with approval of the Federal Railway Authority for the operation in the rail market. Additionally Webasto offers water heaters for the operation on boats and yachts.

Product Benefits

  • Diagnosis for preventative maintenance and short repair times

  • Pre-configured complete system with easy installation

  • Optional fuel pre-heating

  • Fulfills the approval conditions for operation in the rail market as well as the high standards of bus OEMs

  • Reduction of the standing and malfunction times of the vehicle through diagnosis function of the heater

DBW 2010/2016

DBW 2010/2016

Engine protective, environmentally friendly, and cost efficient. Through its modern technology and robust design, the DBW 2010/2016 offers optimal conditions for heating mid-sized to large-sized engines. It operates on a high performance level, yielding up to 16 kW.

Webasto provides individual solutions for preheating large engines as well as for warming up operators´ cabins and cargo areas in various vehicles.

Coldstarts are prevented, since the water heaters simultaneously warm up the cabin and the engine. The decrease in costs by reduced fuel consumption and the prevention of idling increase the economical use of the vehicle. As a result, the environment is spared through the reduction of harmful gases into the atmosphere.

The Webasto water heating systems are designed according to the high international standards of the vehicle suppliers.

Product Benefits

  • Quality guarantee by TS16949

  • Reliable operation through reduced service and maintenance efforts

  • Fast operational readiness through safe starting of the engine, even at low temperatures

  • Decrease in fuel consumption by prevention of idling

  • Available for original equipment or for aftermarket installation

  • Delivery terms specially designed for each vehicle type

  • World-wide service network

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